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DVShift-HD compensates for delay

The unit can compensate for the delay introduced into an environment of wired and wireless cameras by COFDM modulation
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The DVShift-HD automatically supports both HD-SDI and SD-SDI.

The Pixelmetrix DVShift-HD allows users to screen content before transmission and synchronize HDTV transmissions to compensate for camera or network delays.

The latest COFDM wireless camera technology presents tremendous flexibility for covering live sporting events; however, COFDM modulation introduces a small delay into the signal. Therefore, any environment with both wired and wireless cameras will suffer from synchronization problems when switching between the different sources.

DVShift-HD can be used to compensate for that delay by providing a user-selectable delay of video, audio, and even ancillary data of up to 10s at the full HD line rate. The DVShift-HD automatically supports both HD-SDI and SD-SDI.

For more information, visit www.pixelmetrix.com.

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