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Digital signage connects church with growing congregation

Cross Pointe in Duluth GA enriches its live giant-screen video of church services with live in-service graphics and more sophisticated programmed content.

First launched at a high school in 2003, Duluth, GA-based Cross Pointe, the Church at Gwinnett Center, needed effective ways to communicate with its fast-growing congregation. With upwards of 1600 people attending its weekly services, Cross Pointe wanted to go beyond projecting video and PowerPoint slides on its large screens as it transformed a warehouse into its first house of worship. After attending a trade show, a church volunteer recommended augmenting the facility’s live video with live in-service graphics and more sophisticated programmed audio and visual content.

Cross Pointe implemented an Inscriber Inca Studio to generate live in-service graphics and an Inscriber InfoCaster to power programmed content on its digital signage and audio system. Using four camera operators to cover worship service elements, the video feed is mixed live to large screens for improved visibility. The graphics software enables AV operators to superimpose graphics over live video feed or video backgrounds as the service progresses. The church displays announcements, song lyrics, teaching notes and scripture passages. It also creates and stores elements in the sequencer module for immediate playback on cue.

In addition to screens inside the church sanctuary, Cross Pointe installed a 14ft display in its lobby to provide information on events and activities. The screen carries promotional videos and announcements and displays church campus maps. Using the signage software, church staff and its non-technical volunteers are able to create and schedule on-screen, multi-zone content with less need for video editing. The church also is reducing its expenditure on printed materials. It has eliminated printing posters and other promotional pieces and plans on expanding the use of digital signage throughout its campus.

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