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Digital signage brings multimedia content to PA builder’s expo

Franklin County Builder’s Show in Chambersburg, PA, featured seven large-screen LCD displays powered by Noventri’s SignFlash.

Dynamic digital signage informed and entertained show attendees at the recent Franklin County Builders Show in Chambersburg, PA. Noventri, a specialized communications company, installed seven large screen LCD displays throughout the showroom at the Franklin Center and used its SignFlash digital signage solutions to power the displays.

Noventri sold advertising spots to exhibitors and non-exhibitors and provided graphic design and layout for ad content through a strategic partner, Digital Matrix Studio. The ads ran for the duration of the show.

SignFlash offers MPEG video, animations, and live video that run with text zones that can be updated dynamically and remotely. Its multi-zone layout can run simultaneously and can overlap other zones, providing the look of high-end broadcasters.

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