Digital displays enable operating room of the future

Digital displays are being relied on for internal communications and structured workflow outside of the retail sector. Hospitals and healthcare companies are also turning to digital display technologies to better communicate internally and externally. This is evidenced by a recent implementation of a digital display system at Massachusetts General Hospital that is helping doctors stay organized in the midst of the general chaos that is a daily part of life in an operating room.

Massachusetts General Hospital has completed its initial deployment of the LiveData OR Dashboard with a focus on patient safety as well as operating room efficiency. The LiveData OR Dashboard provides information to support surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and other operating room professionals.

LiveData OR Dashboard captures key information about the patient and operation that the entire operating room team needs to see, and presents it on a 42in (or larger) display. The system works across diverse vendors' systems, medical devices and patient monitors, gathering and synthesizing data in real-time and enabling staff to assess the patient and operation at a glance The system also archives information for subsequent retrieval and analysis.

The operating room is a complex, time-sensitive, intense and expensive care environment. The visually integrated hospital is a concept that is taking hold in the medical community. At Massachusetts General, the implementation is seen in its Operating Room of the Future, developed through collaboration among the LiveData team, Massachusetts General and CIMIT. The team has worked over the past two years to evolve and deliver the integration software, resulting in a system that is now being used during six to eight surgeries every day at the hospital.

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