Danish Film Institute archives with Front Porch Digital

The Danish Film Institute (DFI) has purchased systems from Front Porch Digital for digitizing, archiving, preserving and managing its legacy video archive.

Copenhagen-based DFI is the national institution responsible for preserving Denmark's film heritage. The system includes SAMMAsolo G4 HD single-stream migration solution, a DIVArchive V7.0 CSM system, and a DIVAdirector MAM.

DFI's DIVArchive will house all of the institution's legacy video masters, trailers, digital cinema packages, distribution masters, and audio files, as well as all documentaries, short films, and feature films that are delivered to the DFI film archive for preservation. DFI has archived more than 3,000 items totaling more than 60TB of data within the first six months of using the system.

DIVArchive uses LTO technology, which provides a more affordable storage solution than spinning servers without compromising reliability. DIVArchive allows DFI to have its entire archive in near-line storage, reducing the need for further investment in larger servers. DIVArchive also gives DFI an easy way to ingest files from outsourced, large-scale digitization projects with minimal effort — a time-saving benefit that cuts down on labor costs. Internal DFI users access files through the DIVAdirector MAM system.