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Danish Broadcasting looks to Harris for automation

Danish Broadcasting (DR) has awarded Harris with a contract to supply the H-Class broadcast presentation manager (BPM), a play-out automated end-to-end content delivery platform.

The H-Class BPM will be installed in DR's new television and radio broadcast center in Ørestad, south of Copenhagen's city center. DR is moving from multiple sites around Copenhagen to a centralized, purpose-built center. The construction of the new broadcast center is one of the largest single projects undertaken by the Danish national broadcaster in the last 20 years.

The H-Class delivery platform enables broadcasters and content providers the means to integrate disparate processes into a single, modular system that handles all content management and delivery enterprise-wide from creation to consumption.

Harris is working with German systems integrator BFE Studio und Medien Systems for design, installation and integration of a server-based, network integrated platform for play-out to support radio, Internet, broadcast and television.

Harris, Mediagenix, Dalet and Omneon will provide a fully automated, software-controlled production system, which is linked to a redundant server and play-out system.

The four-phase construction of the new broadcast center has already begun and is expected to be completed in 2006.

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