Chyron offers DynaCrawl independent data display channel

The system enables creation and programming of two simultaneous tickers or crawls as well as time and temperature graphics
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Chyron has introduced DynaCrawl, an independent data display channel system that enables programming and streaming of automatically updated news, sports and financial information.

The system can power two simultaneous tickers, along with time and temperature graphics. Static and animated graphics, including Flipbooks, can be dragged-and-dropped into tickers and crawls. In-and-out effects transition between displays and channel branding can be reinforced with the use of animated clocks, weather conditions, backgrounds and logos.

The DynaCrawl system updates with manual created text file data or from news, sports, weather and select financial services, including the AP news service. A Web-scraping tool can populate text files used for display, with each text file then linked to a crawl, ticker, time or temp element. Text files can then be placed in any order into a group with parameters applied to control the appearance and execution of each element. Groups are then placed into a playlist, which is then triggered for playout. Groups and playlists can be looped for continuous display.

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