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Christie debuts widescreen DLP projector

The Christie DW30 DLP is a dual-lamp widescreen projector.

Christie has introduced the DW30 DLP widescreen projector.

Features include native 720p resolution (1280x720) and dual 300W lamps. The DW30 delivers 2500 ANSI lumens in dual-lamp mode, offers a contrast ratio of up to 5000:1 and 10-bit image processing. Built-in edge blending and optional image warping allow images to be displayed on screens and objects of almost any shape.

The projector also provides an on-board HDCP-compliant DVI interface, optional input modules including HD15, HD-SDI and SDI, and is compatible with sources ranging from VGA through QXGA and all current HDTV formats. Optional short-throw to long-throw lenses are available. The DW30 is network-enabled.

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