China Beijing TV bolsters music program with surround sound

China-based television broadcaster Beijing TV is converting to a surround-sound broadcast format for its weekly TV program “Community Music Tonight.” The company plans to use the format in additional programming assuming observers note an improved viewer experience. China Beijing TV expects to extend surround sound to a wide variety of the station’s content.

China Beijing TV tapped multichannel audio technology company SRS Labs to provide the technology for this programming transformation. The station selected SRS Labs’ SRS Circle Surround product for its flexibility and ease of implementation. The product can be delivered over any two-channel path. Broadcasters who use the format are able to leverage their surround-enabled programming beyond the television to new devices such as mobile phones and portable media players.

The SRS Circle Surround audio system was designed and delivered by Jolly ProAudio Broadcast Engineering, SRS Labs’ professional audio distribution partner in China.

SRS Labs audio products have been incorporated into products ranging from HDTVs and mobile phones to PCs and automotive entertainment. The company sells its SRS Circle Surround encoding technology to radio and television stations on several continents, and the product delivers full-bandwidth 6.1 channel surround sound content over any stereo transmission path. SRS Circle Surround encoded signals are compatible with mono, stereo, LCRS and SRS Circle Surround decoders. When decoded with SRS Circle Surround II, the listener hears the complete multichannel mix. SRS Circle Surround II decoders also improve dialog clarity and shape a maximized bass response with sculpted filters and driver physics to go beyond the low-frequency limitations of speakers and headphones.

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