CEA to revise home networking remote control standard via new working group

The CEA's Technology and Standards' Home Networking Committee announced a new working group to revise CEA 931-B, Remote Control Command Pass-through Standard for Home Networking, which defines a standardized method for communication of certain basic operational functions between devices in a home network.

Originally created by R7.5 Audio/Video Networks Subcommittee in 2002, revisions to the standard will include incorporating command transport capabilities, and expanding the command set and power controls in CEA-931-B to support enhanced remote user interface capabilities in CEA-2027-B, and a User Interface Specification for Home Networks Using Web-based protocols. Revisions will retain backward compatibility with CEA-931-B.

This standard has become the basis for the FCC's new regulations on connecting digital set-top boxes to ensure that they will respond to commands forwarded from a TV or DVR. It is the basic communication platform to control devices on a home network, using a single handheld remote control unit from any device on the network to control any other device on the network.

Jack Chaney, DMS Lab director, at Samsung Electronics America, chairs the working group. Participation in the new working group is open to companies and organizations with direct and material interest in its activities. CEA membership is not required to participate. To join, please contact Leslie King at lking@ce.org.

For information about CEA Technology & Standards, visit www.ce.org/standards.

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