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CBS News orders Quartz Q256 router for new broadcast center in London

Quartz Electronics' Q256 router

CBS News has ordered a Quartz Electronics Q256 router to help complete the relocation of its European broadcast center from Knightsbridge to Chiswick Park in London.

The order follows the successful installation of a Quartz Q128 SDI router delivered to the news bureau in 2002. During the move, which is will take place in January 2005, CBS News will upgrade from the Q128 to a new Q256 SDI router, initially configured as 160x128.

The Q256 is a compact large-scale serial digital router, scaleable in steps of 32 up to a maximum of 1024x1024 using additional frames.

The Q256 will route a pool of equipment, including satellite receivers, a large server system, standards converters, production switchers, cameras, monitor stacks and aspect ratio converters. Management of the routing equipment is via a Quartz SC-1000 system controller with user control from more than 25 customized intelligent Quartz control panels.

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