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Canon eDrive offers versatility, repeatability in lens control

Canon's new Enhanced Digital Technology allows users of its portable HD and SD lenses to automate select functions depending on their personal preferences.

Known as eDrive, this technology is increasingly popular among a wide range of Canon portable lens users. Canon’s eDrive feature is built into the company’s full line of e-HDxs High Definition and e-IFxs Standard Definition portable zoom lenses.

Using three Canon microprocessor-driven digital servos with 16-bit optical encoders, Canon’s eDrive technology offers control of portable lenses. With eDrive, users can program functions, such as zoom and focus settings, into a lens.

Canon’s eDrive provides nine user-definable function profiles; a choice of manual, digitally assisted or fully programmed control; and instant “Shuttle Shot” to zoom to the longest focal length.

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