BroadView introduces advanced scheduling in programming module

BroadView Software has added leading-edge capability to its programming toolset. BroadView can now help programmers match programs to audiences working in tandem with media analytics software company, Lake 5 Media, leveraging maximum value for investments in content.

This new module integrates ratings information provided by Lake 5 with BroadView’s scheduling module. It is an ideal instrument for cable networks and broadcasters to provide their programming staff a way to schedule in a more knowledgeable way.

Using BroadView, programming staff can now view ratings for any demographic from programs, series and schedules. The ratings analysis tool allows for detailed “crunching” of the ratings into analytical reports. As with all BroadView tools, historical schedules and ratings information is available for as far back into history as the data will allow.

As a ratings aggregator, Lake5 Media can provide ratings information from any commercial ratings service to BroadView through the single integration point established between the two companies. Together, this allows BroadView users a very detailed and multidimensional way to view and analyze program ratings.