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Brillian exhibits HDTV monitor at Electronic House Expo in Long Beach

Brillian, a developer of HDTVs based on liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) microdisplay technology, showcased its BR6501m/i, 65in, rear-projection, 720p HDTV monitor at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) in Long Beach, CA.

Based on Brillian’s proprietary Gen II LCoS microdisplay technology, the BR6501m/i features a three megapixel (1280x720-pixel per panel) engine and offers the highest commercially available LCOS contrast ratios — up to 2000:1 — in a rear-projection HDTV. It features exceptional grayscale performance, deep black levels, high brightness, a 160-degree viewing angle, an ultra-fine-pitch 16:9 widescreen, artifact-free full-motion video through its three-panel architecture, outstanding audio performance with its high-end audio system, and an upgradeable hardware and software architecture, housed in a design that measures 23in in depth.

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