Bresnan deploys C-COR on-demand in four markets

C-COR, a provider of technology for on-demand networks, has announced that Bresnan Communications will deploy its On Demand hardware and software management solution in four new markets.

With the deployment, C-COR will be the sole provider of On Demand and ad insertion solutions to 16 Bresnan markets across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

C-COR's On Demand platform offers the capacity and scalability needed to support VOD programming, advertising-supported VOD and nPVR, along with the business software needed to ensure delivery and quality of service for the customer.

The C-COR third generation back office platform, nABLE, is based on open standards and manages all aspects of On Demand delivery, including sessions and resources, content propagation, purchases and entitlement, client server navigation, operations and data warehousing.

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