Belden offers Brilliance Banana Peel Precision Video Snake cables

Belden CDT Electronics Division now offers multiples of its Brilliance 1855A and 1505A Precision Video coaxial cables in its Banana Peel construction. The new composite cables provide optimum signal transmission performance over longer runs, while enabling faster and easier installation of multiple coaxes in a single, easy-to-pull bundle.

The new composite cables have eliminated the overall outer jacket. Without the outer jacket, an entire step in the installation process has been eliminated and all of the cables are instantly identifiable since the cables are color-coded and have clearly readable print legends. Installers peel the individual cables off the center spline and they are ready to terminate. In addition, with no overall jacket, the cables have a smaller OD and an improved bend radius, making it possible to use a smaller size conduit.

Belden's 1855A and 1505A Banana Peel Precision Video Snake cables are available in bundles of three, five and six. The 1855A is the SDI and HDTV standard for Mini RG-59/U Type cable. The 1505A is the SDI and HDTV standard for RG-59/U Type. These CMR-rated cables are also pre-timed to ensure a delay difference of less than 5.0ns/100ft between coaxes, allowing for "cut-and-connect" installation with no TDR or Vectorscope timing required.

The new Banana Peel coaxial cables are 100 percent sweep tested to 4.5GHz to cover the third harmonic frequency of 1080p and to ensure optimum return loss performance. Belden has extended its testing to 4.5GHz, assuring broadcasters and broadcast equipment manufacturers of high performance and reliability as they migrate from the existing 1080i HD format to the1080p format.

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