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BBC news viewers can submit video comments with new service

The BBC will use a new voice and video service to allow viewers to interact with the news show “Have Your Say” from their cell phones, computers and ordinary telephones.

The service from All New Video, a provider of video-related services in the UK, will allow BBC viewers to interact with the show, aired on BBC World and BBC News 24, via a series of converged 3G wireless, IP video and voice over IP (VoIP).

Using PCs, 3G mobile video phones or conventional telephones, BBC viewers can call the show with voice or video comments. After connecting with the BBC, they will be greeted with an interactive media response that prompts them to use their keypad to record a video or voice message for the show. With the service, BBC news producers can also connect callers directly to a show for two-way voice or video conversation with on-air presenters.

The new 3G- and IP-based interactivity is different from past attempts in that it gives BBC producers and production assistants the chance to screen callers during a pre-interview conversation, allowing them to exert greater control over which calls are selected for air.

In addition to 3G video-enabled phones, callers can use any Internet-enabled PC with a video camera and a Web-based video client to connect using the service. Those using conventional phones and VoIP service to make calls can also participate via the service.

Besides allowing the public to interact during BBC news programs, the All New Video service will give journalists in the field a means to supplement conventional ENG shots with TV video “phone-ins.”

According to All New Video, the service is also being targeted for other high-profile BBC news shows.

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