Aurora Video Systems introduces PipeStudio

Aurora Video Systems' PipeStudio video capture and editing solution is now shipping.

PipeStudio works seamlessly with the RT Extreme capabilities within Apple’s Final Cut Pro. It provides a wide variety of audio and 10-bit video I/O options through an included breakout box (BOB).

One of PipeStudio’s unique features is the ability to control the BOB from outside of Final Cut Pro through a new software application that is included with the product. Using this program, PipeStudio can act as a stand-alone real-time converter box.

The system allows users to use more video layers and effects through RT Extreme while improving the video quality compared. With the included RS-422 serial port, users can control their video decks during the capturing and recording processes. A genlock input is provided for synchronization to studio equipment.

PipeStudio supports two channels of 24-bit, 48-kHz analog audio for monitoring purposes, plus four channels of high-quality 48-kHz SPDIF (AES/EBU-compatible) digital audio I/O.

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