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Audio Metering

Audio Metering
A 60-minute tutorial on audio and metering technology written by Eddy B. Brixen.

Audio is much more than the noise that accompanies the picture. In today’s world of HD and widescreen television, audio is expected to help develop a 360-degree image to surround the viewer. However, to be effective in creating this type of high-quality audio, operators must understand audio theory, good audio practice—and metering technology.

This course covers in detail all three elements. To complement the training, calibrated tones are provided so students can learn to perceive level and metering differences by volumn and frequency.

You will learn:

  • Hearing and level perception
  • Levels and scales
  • Waveforms: peak-vs RMS
  • dB scale
  • Human hearing characterizes
  • Time and frequency weighting
  • Audio metering and weighting
  • Dynamic range
  • Types of meters and metering scales
  • Loudness metering
  • Multichannel audio

Your instructor:

Eddy B. Brixen is a senior consultant and owner of EBB-consult in Denmark. He is a highly-experienced engineer, having all major national broadcasters, and a number of Danish Manufacturers as his clients.

He currently teaches at several audio engineering universities and colleges and is the author of a multiple audio textbooks. He has been affiliated with The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danish Technological Institute, Danish Acoustical Institute, DELTA Danish Electronics, Light, and Acoustics. He is part-time affiliated with DPA Microphones.

Eddy B. Brixen is active in the Audio Engineering Society, especially within the Standards and Technical Committees.

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