Ascent Media streamlines Singapore operations with Omneon server system

At Ascent Media Network Services Asia, eight Omneon SPECTRUM media servers enable a digital workflow for mulitchannel and multi-language programming.

Ascent Media Network Services Asia is using eight Omneon SPECTRUM media server systems in its Singapore facility. It enables a digital workflow for the origination of 30 channels and delivery of continuous multi-language programming - sometimes in as many as 16 different languages - for broadcasts to Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asia. The Omneon systems consist of two ingest servers and six transmission servers and allow operators to work with video and audio files independently.

All inbound tapes are ingested into the ingest server in MPEG-2 I-frame format, subsequently passing through quality control monitoring and then stored in deep archive for future production needs.

The same copy is also transcoded to an MPEG-2 long GOP digital file and archived for transmission. Media is retrieved from deep archive and stored in the on-air server for playout.

OmniBus automation controls the Omneon servers through an IP network connection. This configuration enables remote monitoring and diagnosis. In the event that a disaster should occur, AMNSA can commence remote control of playout from a separate location.

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