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AOL implements IP link for in-house digital communication network

Looking to share news and information with employees at its Dulles, VA, campus-style headquarters, America Online (AOL) developed an internal video network with the help of Professional Products (PPI), an A/V contractor based in Gaithersburg, MD.

The network links 10 screens -- four 42in and six 50in plasmas. Extron’s IPL T S2 Ethernet control interfaces are used for basic control and monitoring purposes, such as turning the plasmas on and off, as well as adjusting the volume. Each IPL T S2 on the network was configured to perform assigned functions via Extron's GlobalViewer software. The AOL Help Desk can manage, monitor and control all of the plasmas over the IP network.

The new network is expected to reduce most, if not all, of the printed materials used to disseminate news and information. Prior to the development of this network, AOL relied on print posters, flyers and banners to distribute messages, resulting in high printing and distribution costs, as well as time delays in delivering information.

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