ADFLOW Networks powers digital signage for Nuance Group tax- and duty-free shops

ADFLOW Networks has installed its Dynamic Messaging System (DMS) as part of a three-year agreement to power several large format digital displays at the tax and duty-free shops owned and operated by The Nuance Group at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The displays feature in-store dynamic advertising for The Nuance Group and several of its key brands and advertisers.

Nuance Group executives said the quick deployment, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness of ADFLOW’s solution was critical for meeting its objectives to produce newly-designed, state-of-the-art retail location.

Currently, The Nuance Group’s two Toronto-based flagship stores feature new digital signage powered by ADFLOW’s Web-hosted system. Plans include expanding the digital signage network to include the other store locations at Pearson, Canada’s largest airport, as well as at other Nuance-operated airport locations across Canada.

In addition to the enhanced customer shopping experience provided by the digital displays, the Nuance Group is anticipating sales lift by delivering advertising messages for brands in a timely fashion at the point of purchase.

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