Telestream Wheels, Deals Through Pandemic

Dan Castles, CEO of Telestream and Mike Palmer, senior director of Media Management at Sinclair Broadcast Group. (Image credit: NAB Show Daily)

LAS VEGAS—The pandemic was a busy time for Telestream, company executives said during its press conference at the 2022 NAB Show. 

“Through COVID-19 we’ve done five acquisitions,” President and Chief Operating Officer John Wilson said. “We’ve expanded the product portfolio to across what we’ve really done well from a media workflow-automation perspective, and then test and measurement.”

First, Telestream merged with Tek Video. Then it acquired diva, Masstech, ContentAgent and Sherpa Digital Media.

The company announced a new multiyear, enterprise-wide agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group that covers all existing products and services across the station group’s properties, together with unlimited usage of Telestream Cloud Services.

Sinclair Senior Director of Media Management Mike Palmer outlined some of the benefits his company has found in working with Telestream.

“During COVID-19, one of the large projects we had was centralizing our ingest and prep of syndicated content, commercials and promos for all of our 600-plus channels,” he said. “So that means that when a commercial comes in, it’s going to be centrally available to all the channels without need to duplicate.”

A piece of material could potentially be received by 60 sites, and people would then check the timing of that content, check the quality, and then a copy of the file was made and moved into play. 

The workload of processing each file is not evenly spread across a week, with the bulk of the files received on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sinclair needed a way to dynamically scale.

“We wanted to centralize that process, which would mean a huge amount of cost savings to us,” Palmer said. “Our traffic teams were a little worried. They said: ‘OK, everybody is going to be ingesting this stuff in the cloud. How long is it going to take to move through? How long are we going to have to wait?’ So we actually measure our latency for a commercial coming in before we begin to process it. It’s less than 10 seconds during the entire week.”

Another major announcement from Telestream is its release of the latest version of Inspect 2110, the company’s award-winning internet-protocol video monitoring solution for ST 2110 media networks.

The upgrade ensures reliability within hybrid SDI-over-IP and ST 2110 deployments by using a “monitoring by exception” approach to proactively notify engineers of any quality issues within facilities and across networks.