Sony Introduces New PetaSite Tape Library System

Sony has debuted an automated tape storage product, the SAIT PetaSite system, which targets content management, data backup and enterprise data storage applications with a total capacity of up to 1.2 petabytes and sustained native data transfer rates of up to 2.88 GBps.

A basic system will have two SAIT-1 drives, an Ethernet hub, a terminal server and a PetaSite control unit. This entry system will be scalable to house up to 12 drives and 216 cartridges for up to 108 TB of native capacity. Up to seven cartridge and/or drive consoles can be added to the base system. The cartridge consoles will allow users to add up to 330 cartridges for 165 TB of extra native capacity, and the drive/cartridge consoles will house up to 12 additional drives and 258 additional cartridges.

The SAIT PetaSite tape library is pre-configured with PetaServe hierarchical storage management, which transfers data from hard disk to tape, and PetaBack high-speed backup software applications, which provide a backup of files to the system's drives.

The SAIT PetaSite has various interfaces, including SCSI, 2Gbps FC and TCP/IP API, a hot-swappable drive and power supply exchange and will be available in June for a little over $100,000, depending on the model.

The new SAIT PetaSite will be demonstrated in Sony's booth (SU4015) at NAB.