Shotoku Robotic Cams Take Center Stage at 2020 NAB Show

TR-XT (Image credit: Shotoku)

LAS VEGAS—At this year’s NAB Show, Shotoku USA is set to launch a new wave technical and operational developments for its robotic control system, including a new IP interface, updates to its TR-XT control system and new pan/tilt head options.

One of the products on display will be the SmartPed fully robotic pedestal. The unit features what Shotoku calls Absolute Navigation that now has two additional options depending on the environment—AN-I and AN-S. AN-I is an IP interface within SmartPed that allows it to interface to existing external optical tracking systems using absolute tracking information to reference and adjust the pedestal’s own internal navigation systems. AN-S, meanwhile, is a fully integrated option, including the optical tracking system for situations without already installed optical tracking.

Shotoku has developed a number of enhancements to its TR-XT control system that will be shown during the show. The new LiveView option uses a secondary IP video camera to provide a wide-angle scene view for each camera and allows operators to command heads to new positions by touching one of these views. The Studio Zones feature defines areas within a studio that cameras may or may not travel to avoid potential collisions. There are also enhanced automation interfaces that enable full camera adjustments on-the-fly from external systems, including face-recognition and tracking systems.

Other products from Shotoku that will get some attention at the NAB Show include the TG-18i, the latest version of the company’s TG-18 studio pan/tilt head that is fully integrated with high payload and simple connectivity. Another pan/tilt head is the TG-27/MicroPDU, which can be used for legislature or conference system in conjunction with Shotoku’s TR-S control panel. There will also be the TI-12 elevator unit, with height drive, that can be used with virtually any studio pedestal, according to Shotoku.

Shotoku also has a series of manual camera support products that it will demonstrate during the show.

This includes the SX200 and SX260 pan and tilt heads with Shotoku’s “Truebalane” design for counterbalance that can be adjusted throughout the range. The drag system is based on the company’s Viscam design, but adds a new actuation system, with fine tuning and on-shot adjustment capabilities. The heads come standard with two stage ENG carbon fibre legs. They can also be used with the new TTH1002C 100mm carbon fibre EFP tripod.

There is also the SD & SE pan/tilt and tripod series. The SD comes in two variants—the SD20 with support for 6.5 pounds, and SD40 with support for 11 pounds. Fixed counterbalance and drag systems are tailored to the payload of the head and come with two-stage tripod mid-level spreader and soft carry case. The SE series features the SE80 and SE150 (supporting 22 and 35 pounds, respectively), a drag system, multiple level counterbalance system, two-stage tripods with ground and mid-level spreader and a soft carry case.

Then, Shotoku has partnered its TP500 entry level broadcast pedestal unit with the SX300 head, which can support 88 pounds when combined; the TP500 can support 121 pounds independently.

Shotoku USA will be located at booth C9108 during the 2020 NAB Show, which runs from April 18-22 in Las Vegas.

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