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New Products

StreamZ Live
Digital Rapids

Live streaming media encoder for applications from live IPTV channels and webcasting to mobile video; now offers encoding formats including H.264/AVC, VC-1/WMV, On2 VP6 for Adobe Flash, MPEG-2 and 3GPP/mobile.

Elite HD
Fast Forward Video

Camera-mounted DVR and player harnesses the JPEG2000 compression codec for recording HD-SDI video signals; gives broadcasters a new option for recording high-quality video from HD-SDI cameras while reducing the costs of storage media; accepts an incoming HD-SDI video signal with up to eight channels for embedded audio; uses J2K to record at data rates of 100Mb/s with virtually no loss in signal quality.

Studio Network Solutions

Shared storage system offers file sharing, volume sharing, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS and up to 24TB per system; includes four seats of SANmp and four seats of Postmap; enables users in a workgroup to edit, share and review projects, media and other large files using the most appropriate connection type for the assigned task.


Designed for live and file-based news-gathering, video transport and acquisition in HD and SD; integrated into one lightweight and compact chassis; features 2.5 hours of battery life; capable of running on a car battery.

Media Links

Integrated transport/switching system handles every type of video, audio and data signal used by broadcasters today; designed for large-scale operations to combine all the traffic that normally flows over separate cables and networks in a single, high-capacity, reusable backbone that can be extended to reach every corner of a facility or between facilities; features speeds of 3.2Tb/s.


Archive access tool creates and stores browse copies of material, providing a fast, cost-effective solution for viewing content stored in the archive; features an interface, independent of the archive control system, which could be a production system such as Avid, allowing material to be searched and viewed and then restored back into the online environment.

Densite series XVP-3901
Miranda Technologies

Offers advanced video and audio processing on a single card; ideal for incoming/outgoing feed applications; module accepts 3G/HD/SD signals via BNC or fiber; provides simultaneous 3G/HD and SD outputs; allows signals to be up/down/crossconverted and frame synchronized; black side panels introduced during up/downconversion can be filled using an integral background keyer.

RF Central

Six-way COFDM diversity receiver features on-screen display of stream data, Ethernet monitoring for remote control access and IP encapsulation for Internet broadcast; delivers both SD and HD (SDI) video when paired with an SD or HD external ASI decoder.


Camera control unit works with the CamPac 2 HD/SD COFDM camera-back transmitter; expands the features of the CamPac 2 through a software-based data interface that allows the CP2/CC-1 to work with other manufacturer's control panels and command protocols; allows operators to work within a seamless environment between wired and wireless cameras; available in two radio options: licensed 450MHz or unlicensed spread spectrum 900MHz.

GBox 2U
Orad Hi-Tech Systems

Video graphics rendering platform supports Maestro HD/SD CG and 3DPlay channel branding and auto promo solutions; enables the playout of real-time 3-D graphics and of multiple video files supporting commonly used formats such as AVI, QuickTime, DV, DVC25 and MPEG; supports one SD/HD video insertion, enabling the user to map a video onto any object in the graphic scene.
Linear Acoustic

A production audio maximizer that enables users to achieve sound quality in news and other locally produced content; provides processing that makes it easy to combine studio content with prerecorded spots, insertions and live remotes without fear of overload or audible side effects; features multiband stereo processing, along with analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Utah Scientific

Routing switcher gives users the ability to install a full 528 × 528 router in just 20RU; uses standard 75Ω BNC coaxial connectors; offers the option of a redundant crosspoint module for service reliability in mission-critical applications.

Connect IPx8

A 19in/1RU intercom-over-IP system that converts eight bidirectional AES or analog signals into IP data and vice versa; available in three versions, offering different interface options; the Cat 5 and coax versions connect panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is ideal for connecting four wires and other analog sources; can connect up to eight standard Artist 1000, 2000 or 3000 series control panels with full functionality to an Artist matrix via an IP network.

Ensemble Designs

Two-channel, dual downconverter with HD and SD outputs accepts 720p, 1080i, 1080sF and 1080p inputs that are synchronous or asynchronous; if an SD-SDI input is received, SD is passed to the output; internal progressive processing is performed at 16 bits resolution; downconverted outputs are timeable with respect to the reference input and can feed production switchers and routers.

MP2TSME v5.0
Manzanita Systems

Accepts H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 video, MPEG-1/2 video, HDV, 4:2:2 profile, MPEG audio, AAC, DTS, Dolby Digital AC-3, Dolby Digital Plus E-AC-3 and MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio; features set of tools for preprocessing input streams, creating data and manipulating existing transport streams; includes support for multiplexing of DVB bitmapped subtitle data and ITU-R System B teletext as Private Stream 1; supports multiplexing of cueing messages for digital program insertion as specified in ANSI/SCTE 35.

Messenger IP Media Gateway

Consists of a 1RU remote unit and 1RU studio unit; enables broadband IP connectivity between an ENG/SNG truck or OB van and the broadcast studio through integration with the existing broadcaster digital transmission infrastructure; can sustain 98 percent use of a 40Mb/s link with as little as a 7Kb/s return channel; operates in trickle mode, in which live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously by sharing the available bandwidth with priority given to the live video feed, and broadband mode, where almost the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic.

Scopus Video Networks

Network management system meets the fast-paced changes in digital video headend technologies and formats; addresses operator, teleport and broadcaster requirements by managing services and devices across networks, scaling from small headends to large and distributed networks; features IP and ASI routing solutions, a variety of redundancy schemes, drag-and-drop operations for topology and views, easy integration of third-party devices and more.

IQ Modular
Snell & Wilcox

Infrastructure range includes more than 400 intelligent component building blocks; provides compatibility with 3G emerging standards and metadata-rich infrastructures, as well as current analog, SD and HD standards; IQDSK00 is an HD/SD downstream keyer; IQSPI00 is an interfacing product with custom-configurable operational control; IQSDA2 series offers single- and dual-channel SD/HD/3G-capable distribution products.


A high-power, broadband UHF elliptically polarized panel antenna; offers a variable polarization ratio from zero to 100 percent while maintaining the axial ratio; features a single-input design that reduces feed system complexity by eliminating unnecessary connections and thus increasing system reliability; provides 200MHz bandwidth, with a VSWR less than 1.1:1 and a power rating of 2kW per panel.

Deva Mix-8

Small eight-fader mixing panel integrates directly with the company's Deva IV, V, 5.8, 16 and Fusion systems; unleashes the internal mix functions of the host audio recorder, eliminating the expense and bulk of traditional external mixing consoles; features 100mm faders, input trim pots and input level meters; powered directly from the main Deva unit via a single cable.

Observer 5.0

Video monitoring now enables operators to obtain closed captions for CEA-708 HD video streams through extraction of EIA-608 closed-caption data; now supports Dolby 5.1 and bit rates greater than 3Mb/s to enable improved monitoring of high-quality HD video; Content Export module enables batch and scheduling exporting and now provides support for exporting closed-captioning data.