Mo-Sys Integrates Sony Venice Cam With VP Pro Software

Mo-Sys VP Pro Sony Venice
(Image credit: Mo-Sys)

LONDON—Mo-Sys Engineering has announced a pairing of its Mo-Sys VP Pro virtual production software with the Sony Venice camera. The integration is meant to capture dynamic camera settings data to help with virtual production workflows.

The Mo-Sys VP Pro links directly to the Sony Venice camera software, monitoring each take and shot to highlight potential mismatch settings, while also capturing camera data to assist in down-stream post-production compositing.

With the integration, Mo-Sys VP Pro goes into record mode whenever the Sony Venice camera starts recording. The Mo-Sys software captures the file naming format the camera uses to name media files and uses the same name for the metadata file containing the camera settings data for easy matching in post-production.

Mo-Sys VP Pro, integrated with Unreal Engine, supports live or recorded virtual production workflows, the use of green/blue screen studios or LED volumes and provides additional lens data—F-stop, T-stop and shutter angle—for VFX compositing. 

The Sony Venice integration is now available. For more information, visit