GestureStorm Speeds Weathercasts

WKMG-TV, CBS's Orlando affiliate is the first station to deploy Cybernet's new GestureStorm software that helps meteorologists reduce preparation time for weather forecasts by using hand gestures to control computerized visuals.

GestureStorm interfaces with Baron Services' storm tracking and forecasting equipment, such as FasTrac, NexTrac and VIPIR. GestureStorm replaces the traditional methodology for producing on-air weather spots by interpreting simple, intuitive hand motions to facilitate products from Baron, a Huntsville, Ala.-based developer of weather graphics display systems. Instead of scripting an on-air report where the timing of computerized maps is memorized, a weathercaster can go direct to broadcast with storm information.

Cybernet's gesture recognition technology was initially developed for the Department of Defense to facilitate troop communication during silent maneuvers, and has since been incorporated into interactive computer gaming peripheral devices and business software.