DK-Technologies to debut Graphical Loudness display for PT0760M

DK-Technologies will debut the Graphical Loudness display for its PT0760M HD/SD waveform monitor at this week’s IBC show. The display allows engineers to simultaneously see waveform and audio information on the same screen. It is particularly useful for facilities that need to comply with the new BCAP guidelines on audio loudness because it enables engineers to measure loudness against time and instantly see the effect of any changes they might make to loudness values.

The display allows users to view up to three minutes of rolling audio. The PT0760M is able to de-embed up to 16 audio channels from up to four HD/SD video inputs and also provides Dolby Digital/DolbyE decoding. The PT0760M can be purchased with analog and digital audio inputs and outputs. With these options, the PT0760M can provide ITU indication via the standard ITU Loudness Unit (LU) scale.

A level reading obtained with the PT0760 can be viewed on the built-in screen or on an external screen via the assignable DVI output. The internal and external screens can display separate images, allowing two simultaneous independent uses of the meter. The same result can be achieved using the PT0700R remote control, which provides a second set of controls that are independent to those on the meter.