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Dielectric Intros Antennas for 700 MHz

Dielectric will introduce a line of antennas designed for the 700-MHz spectrum. This new product line includes slotted coaxial antennas as well as panel antennas and all these antennas can be horizontally, vertically, or circularly polarized.

Also on display in the Dielectric booth will be the company's bow-tie slot-turnstile antenna, an economical low-power broadband (470 to 860 MHz) UHF omnidirectional antenna that features a simple feed system and durable construction. Since each bow-tie slot represents two batwings in a turnstile configuration, the design eliminates feedlines, hardware and radiators, as well as the need for a support mast. The antenna design also allows for dual inputs designed for single-channel operation or the simultaneous broadcast of two channels without the need for a separate combiner.

Dielectric will be in Booth C7807.