Dielectric Debuting NextGen TV-Designed Powerlite Systems at 2020 NAB Show

(Image credit: Dielectric)

LAS VEGAS—Dielectric’s 2020 NAB Show presentation will be based around an update to its Powerlite brand that is designed around NextGen TV requirements. This includes the Powerlite TFU-WB-LP series that aims to address the requirements of ATSC 3.0 single-frequency networks (SFNs).

Powerlite systems combine antennas, transmission line, tunable filters and other RF components into a single package. The new TFU-WB-LP series is an evolution of Dielectric’s TFU-WB line, which consists of main and auxiliary UHF antennas developed for the U.S. spectrum repack.

TFU-WB-LP antennas are built in four-bay increments, with a maximum ERP of 100 kW for each antenna—higher power options are available. Customers can use Dielectric’s Proposal Generator software to design an antenna for coverage needs specific to each site, including elements like power level, directional pattern, height above ground level and more.

The new Powerlite series will be adaptable to multifrequency networks and can serve both narrow-band and broadband RF configurations.

Dielectric will showcase the Powerlite TFU-WB-LP at its booth, C2622, during the 2020 NAB Show, running from April 18-22.

For more information, visit www.dielectric.com.