Ceiton’s Web workflow enables efficient production at AETN International

AETN International, a division of A&E Television Networks, has installed a Web Workflow PPS system from Ceiton Technologies across AETN International’s distribution chain. The Ceiton system facilitates increased efficiency in assigning, executing and monitoring workflow for AETN International, as it services its international channel and content sales clients.

AETN International has implemented Ceiton’s Web Workflow PPS version 4 to manage two core workflows: content fulfillment and shipping/delivery. The workflow engine integrates with AETN’s international database and the AETN asset library system, creating a single system to process and track orders from the time that they are placed to the moment that they are received by clients.

Rosanne Zoccoli, director of production and affiliate services for AETN International, said since the Ceiton system has been integrated, they have eliminated multiple e-mails with attached dub orders, streamlined the process of distributing orders to vendors and have sped up the process of distributing programming to clients.

Ceiton’s process involves developing a system functionality specification that covers the business workflows design, work order form design, report design and system integration/interface design.