Audiovox, MediaFLO to match up in-car video displays with live broadcast service

MediaFLO and Audiovox Electronics have partnered to create in-car video displays equipped with the MediaFLO broadcast service, delivering on its plans to expand beyond mobile phones to new devices. First up is a MediaFLO receiver add-on for existing in-car video displays, said Tom Malone, Audiovox president, and Gina Lombardi, MediaFLO USA president. Following that will be in-car displays for installation in new cars.

Live, in-vehicle mobile TV poses a particular challenge due to the difficulties of delivering high-quality, uninterrupted coverage at high vehicle speeds, especially in urban areas.

The joint MediaFlo-Audiovox mobile TV solution will be sold through Audiovox's distribution channels, including 12V retailer specialists, expeditors who service car dealers, car dealers, mass merchandisers, electronic retailers and an OE sales group.

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