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ScheduALL to highlight Chorus, ERMa platforms

ScheduALL at IBC2012 will demonstrate how operators can leverage its Chorus and ERMa platforms.

Chorus enables a dynamic interoperability between all media and broadcast systems in the enterprise without the need for custom dedicated interfaces. ERMa provides a connectivity that allows ScheduALL users to share resources, projects and deliverables from department-to-department or across a global supply chain.

ScheduALL Chorus is an add-on module that enables interoperability and accelerates workflows in broadcast among disparate business systems. The framework allows ScheduALL to build transmission circuits, drive routers, ingest content into MAMs and DAMs, talk to financial systems, deliver data to content movers, and position antennas in satellite farms. The Chorus framework successfully achieves connectivity across the enterprise without the need for custom dedicated interfaces.

ScheduALL's ERMa module takes this interoperability a step further by allowing real-time ScheduALL-to-ScheduALL system connectivity, both within an enterprise and externally across the vendor/partner supply chain.

See ScheduALL at IBC2012 Stand 1.D30.