Thomson Broadcast to feature Futhura, Vithal transmitters

The Vithal VHF range features of up to 30 percent efficiency for any VHF digital broadcasting application.

At IBC2012, Thomson Broadcast will showcase its range of energy-efficient, reliable solutions for the deployment of environmentally friendly, cost-effective terrestrial transmission networks.

The Futhura range of high-power digital reference transmitters is now equipped with an increased operating range from 1.6kW- to 11.6kW-UHF wideband. The cooling system has been redesigned to provide further energy savings.

The Futhura GreenPower transmitter features a new exciter platform with support for all major standards and DVB-T/DVB-T2 dualcast capability. With IP input and MPLP capability, the transmitter is optimized for robust delivery of diverse services within a single channel, including mobile, SD, 3-D, HD and digital radio. The Futhura Plus UHF wideband transmitter offers broadcasters substantial energy savings, with a 50 percent improvement.

Thomson Broadcast also will unveil the Vithal VHF transmitter, which is specifically designed to deliver ever-increasing efficiency and easy maintenance. Supporting advanced standards such as DAB+ and DVB-T2, the Vithal VHF range features of up to 30 percent efficiency, for any VHF digital broadcasting application, including audio, video, or multimedia broadcast.

See Thomson Broadcast at IBC2012 Stand 14.B20.