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Thomson Broadcast to feature Futhura, Vithal transmitters

At IBC2012, Thomson Broadcast will showcase its range of energy-efficient, reliable solutions for the deployment of environmentally friendly, cost-effective terrestrial transmission networks.

The Futhura range of high-power digital reference transmitters is now equipped with an increased operating range from 1.6kW- to 11.6kW-UHF wideband. The cooling system has been redesigned to provide further energy savings.

The Futhura GreenPower transmitter features a new exciter platform with support for all major standards and DVB-T/DVB-T2 dualcast capability. With IP input and MPLP capability, the transmitter is optimized for robust delivery of diverse services within a single channel, including mobile, SD, 3-D, HD and digital radio. The Futhura Plus UHF wideband transmitter offers broadcasters substantial energy savings, with a 50 percent improvement.

Thomson Broadcast also will unveil the Vithal VHF transmitter, which is specifically designed to deliver ever-increasing efficiency and easy maintenance. Supporting advanced standards such as DAB+ and DVB-T2, the Vithal VHF range features of up to 30 percent efficiency, for any VHF digital broadcasting application, including audio, video, or multimedia broadcast.

See Thomson Broadcast at IBC2012 Stand 14.B20.