Gray TV Establishes Omaha Model with Harris

Harris announces that Gray Television is rolling out a new strategy for its newsroom systems based on Harris NEXIO servers and ADC automation systems. The broadcaster has so far upgraded newsroom systems at six of its stations.

Jim Ocon, vice president of technology for Gray Television, developed the concept, called “The Omaha Model,” based on his initial blueprint for WOWT-TV in Omaha. The emphasis is on upgrading and improving an aging newsroom infrastructure with an eye toward improving profit margins and operating more efficiently.

The Omaha Model dramatically changes the technical workflow at Gray TV stations, relying on NEXIO servers for both master control and news production operations. Ocon adds that ADC automation acts as a “force multiplier” for everything the stations do, including traffic and billing operations using Harris OSi software; and the launch of new DTV sub-channels and ATSC Mobile DTV channels. WOWT was among the first stations in the country to install equipment during the candidate phase of the technology and Ocon has played an active roll in advocating Mobile DTV technology, launching Harris MPH systems at several Gray TV stations.

“ADC is key to the entire ecosystem,” said Ocon. “It is a pragmatic automation solution that enables us to plan effective business models for existing channels and new channel launches. Along with NEXIO servers the system transformed the way we operate so that we technically no longer have a master control center. Interoperability of the Harris solution is key to our success.”

Ocon stated that he plans to replicate The Omaha Model at many of the 36 Gray Television stations. Gray TV has also recently been contracted to manage seven New Young Broadcasting stations.