Great new deployment of VSN technology at Syrian National TV

The complete deployment of the Syrian National TV 24-hour news channel along with the extension of their current system awarded to VSN.

Syrian National TV (ORTAS), Syria's national TV channel, will soon be launching a new 24-hour news channel and expanding its current infrastructure. Once more, they will be relying on the Spanish company, who put into operation their current automation and news production systems two years ago. The main reasons for this choice were the channel’s overall satisfaction with VSN solutions, the commitment and support received, and the system's efficient adaptation to Arabic texts.

Syrian National TV will be moving its headquarters to a new state-of-the-art office in Umayyad Square (Damascus). The new system installed there will have two studio sets entirely configured for newscast production. The VSN infrastructure includes a scheduled ingest system, media asset management (MAM), 33 journalist stations for text and video editing, two 2-channel studio playouts, teleprompters, a complete digital archive (VSNARCHIVE, HSM and control for one LTO-4 robotic tape library) and systems for publishing contents on the web and receiving texts coming from news agencies for all 33 workstations. The channel's graphics module will be meticulously taken care of so it includes the advanced graphics system VSNCG+ along with several workstations for advanced editing of vectorial templates and 3D as well as a powerful multilayer tickers system with real time updating. The master control of this news channel will be commanded by the automation VSNMULTICOM controlling VMAX video servers in a redundant configuration.

On the other hand, the new satellite 24-hour news channel will keep the current Syrian broadcaster’s location and systems and will incorporate an extension that includes the expansion of its existing ingest, playout and legal copy systems, 2 new VMAX video servers connected with their fiber channel storage, 10 new journalist stations, 2 VSNCG+ graphics systems with vectorial and 3D editing capabilities plus a new ticker generation system with external data capture and one module to publish their contents on the Web. For the complete management of all branches, ORTAS will be installing a content exchange server and 10 new customer licenses of the powerful VSNIPTRANSFER for their remote reporters. VSNIPTRANSFER will be the foundation of their new production resources' contribution and decentralized management system.

As Syrian National TV's Management Board commented, "the reason why we chose VSN as the provider for our new 24-hour news channel and expansion of our current infrastructure is their commitment, fast delivery and quick and easy integration of their system in our channel". The agreement includes a 1-year renewal of their maintenance and support contracts and updating their current fiber channel storage system.