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Systems Represent New Entry Level Benchmark in Advanced Media Asset Management

LAS VEGAS, NV— At NAB (Booth N4031), world-leading media technology innovator Solid State Logic (SSL) will debut the new Gravity Media Studio and Gravity News Studio systems. These systems represent a new entry level benchmark in advanced media asset management for broadcast news, education, government and corporate applications.

The larger systems, Gravity Network and Enterprise, already streamline on-air news production for a growing number of major clients like ABC, CBS, Fox News Channel and CNN. The Gravity Media and News Studio systems offer an exceedingly cost effective pathway to professional level media asset management, fully scalable into the larger systems as need arises.

“The new Gravity Media Studio and News Studio systems bring superior Media Asset Management tools within reach of a wide range of end users from live news to education,” says Shaun McTernan, project manager, Media Production Systems for Solid State Logic. “SSL engineers have created a powerful set of tools, including an extremely format agile Encoder and the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT), an intuitive but feature rich video editing system that is standard on the News Studio, which takes the technical, format translation, and index management worries away from the user. Gravity allows the director or engineer to concentrate on the creative flow of the intended message be it local breaking news or a distance learning seminar.”

Gravity Media Studio and Gravity News Studio systems are designed for small production group environments. Gravity combines multi-format data ingest, instantly creating low bandwidth proxies of the original material, with advanced archive management and editing capabilities. As the system then disseminates the appropriate version of ingested material into any format needed by an end user, Gravity deftly streamlines Media Asset Management through greatly improved work flow, reduced time for search functions and cross-platform compatibility for web users.

At the heart of the Gravity Media and News Studio systems is a stream-based, format independent media engine that smartly encodes media for cataloging, indexing and editing for final distribution. Gravity delivers video and media on demand capabilities for output to on-air broadcast programming, satellite computers, PowerPoint presentations, content for DVD or newsletter distribution and the like while maintaining complete compatibility with all popular web browser applications for Mac and PC. Gravity also addresses a pool of video craft editors from companies like Adobe and Avid, with a pronounced interface connection to Apple’s Final Cut Pro. As a system cost benefit, file capture and digitization can be done independently by the end user for ingest into the system.

Gravity runs on a standard Windows™ based infrastructure with system components comprised of Encoders, Decoders, Asset Managers, Storage Servers, Package Production Tools, Schedulers and Transcoders. These components can be combined in various quantities and locations across a LAN, WAN or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Campus Area Network (CAN) or the like and can be scaled to meet the needs of any media distribution situation, regardless of size and system architecture — from a single laptop to hundreds of users. Gravity’s TCP/IP based system uses a time tested third party SQL database to store content information, including user-added metadata, and, by employing the latest .NET, SQL, XML and MOS technologies, Gravity offers the speed and flexibility to operate in a wide variety of environments.

Demonstrations of the Gravity system will take place at the SSL booth at NAB, where complete information on Gravity Studio, Network and Enterprise systems will be available.

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