Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics First to Provide Solution for New FCC Requirement

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. -- April 13, 2012 -- Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics today announced that in response to new FCC Emergency Alert System (EAS) regulations that come into effect on April 23, 2012, the companies have published an application note explaining how to very simply disable the text-to-speech (TTS) engine on the DASDEC and Monroe R189 One-Net integrated EAS/CAP encoder/decoder systems. The updated FCC rules governing the EAS (Part 11) prohibit the use of text-to-speech on EAS devices, effectively requiring all such equipment to provide a way of disabling that capability.

In the updated regulations, the FCC has determined that it will not allow EAS participants to use TTS software configured in their EAS equipment to generate the audio portion of an EAS message. This new FCC requirement applies to the large majority of DASDEC or Monroe R189 One-Net systems, which are running version 2.0-0_a03 software or above.

The application note, which provides simple instructions on how to disable the TTS feature via the existing user interface, is now available at and websites. All DASDEC and Monroe R189 One-Net users are advised to check their version number and, if needed, follow the very simple TSS disabling instructions provided.

The DASDEC and Monroe R189 One-Net were designed to provide the flexibility to easily handle a range of potential changes in requirements that may be forthcoming from the FCC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. No added software or hardware is necessary to make this system change. If at a later date the FCC alters its decision, users can easily enable the TTS engine once again.

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