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ADAM Audio SX-Series Sets New Standard For Transparency

New York, NY––Slated for their official U.S. introduction at the AES Show, the new SX-Series reference monitors feature completely redesigned transducers, drivers and electronics to provide the most transparent reproduction possible.

All ADAM SX-Series monitors feature the new X-ART tweeter, which provides 4dB higher efficiency, increased maximum SPL of 3dB, and an expanded frequency response of up to 50 kHz.

Other new components include an ultra-low distortion broadband A/B amplifier with 1MHz internal bandwidth and new Hexacone™ woofers with more linear excursion to optimize efficiency and accuracy.

The SX-Series consists of six different models ranging from small nearfield monitors (S1X, S2X) to larger midfield monitors (S3X, S4X). The S4X and S3X models are available in vertical (S4X-V/S3X-V) and horizontal (S4X-H/S3X-H) versions.

The S4X-H midfield monitor combines the new X-ART tweeter with a 5“ HexaCone midrange driver and two redeveloped 9“ HexaCone woofers. The S4X-V also incorporates the X-ART tweeter, with two 5” Hexacone drivers and a newly developed 12” Hexacone woofer optimized electronically for a bass-reflex enclosure.

The S3X-V features the newly developed 4” HexaCone midrange driver and 9” HexaCone woofer with the X-ART tweeter to reveal the most complex nuances of any program material with an open, transparent response.

Already a popular choice for leading studios worldwide, the S3X-H employs a 4” HexaCone midrange driver for detail and musical coherence in the critical midrange frequencies, along with two 7” Hexacone woofers that produce a deep, tight bass within the same frequency and radiation pattern.

The compact S2X nearfield monitor uses a HexaCone 7” woofer, X-ART tweeter and A/B amplifier combination to produce a powerful balanced sound with surprisingly deep bass for a smaller enclosure.

Embodying high quality sound in an ultra-compact format, the S1X monitor also combines the X-ART tweeter, A/B amplifier and HexaCone™ woofer driven by premium PWM amplifiers for clear resolution and precise low- frequency reproduction.

For more information about ADAM Audio USA and SX-Series monitors, please stop by Booth #373 at AES, call 516.681.0690 or click to