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Severn, Maryland, July 28, 2008 – 3G Wireless LLC, an industry leader implementing wireless HD technology, and Bexel Broadcast Services, the world’s leader in broadcast production, are utilizing their strategic partnership to bring HD coverage of this year’s Beijing Olympics to the world. 3G, using six of Nucomm’s CamPac 2 wireless camera transmitters and six of its Newscaster DR diversity receivers, will be stationed at the Hong Kong-based Sha Tin competition venue and Beijing-based Workers’ Stadium, to provide superior HDRF coverage for the host world feed.

Broadcasters from around the globe will be relying on 3G Wireless for live footage throughout the games that are taking place between August 8th and the 24th. The Nucomm system will be used during portions of the opening ceremony as well as during several competitions including the Keirin Track Bike racing event, where one of the CamPac 2s will transmit via a camera-back system for a follow camera, and the equestrian event, in which the otherCamPac 2s will link back to POV shots during the event’s featured “jumps.”

Adam Nepp, 3G Wireless marketing director, says that Nucomm offers the perfect system for overcoming some of the typical challenges associated with broadcasting such a high-caliber event in the China region. “Nucomm’s product flexibility and scalability offers us full range to move up and down the spectrum, which helps us work with the frequency allocations mandated by the Chinese government. With Nucomm’s great versatility, we are able to utilize more systems during this mission-critical broadcast thanks to the Nucomm gear than if we were to use any other competitors’ products.”

To ensure coverage goes off without a hitch, 3G Wireless has been preparing the transmitter-receiver system design since the end of 2007, monitoring all of the powering issues and mounting brackets as well as planning the configuration and product interface. Among the other logistics involved include establishing precise shipping schedules and making sure that the product packaging is compliant with China customs.

While 3G Wireless has been busy preparing for seamless product shipment and design, Nepp explains the Nucomm equipment was the last thing he needed to be concerned about. “I never worry about the Nucomm gear because it is very plug-and-play and user friendly,” he says. “It presents a level of reliability in functionality and performance which makes me feel most confident.”

In coupling the wireless CamPac 2s with the Newscaster DRs, Nepp explains that broadcasters gain more shot options, which is particularly important when shooting within such RF harsh and saturated environments as the Beijing Olympics. “The Nucomm system configuration ensures that the picture is always there because of the high level engineering that goes into the receiver,” he says. “We benefit from having more mobility to roam freely throughout the venues because the system isn’t suseptable to interference like other products on the market.”

As an avid user of Nucomm products, Nepp says it’s the ideal choice for 3G Wireless. “Nucomm is a real ally for us because of its strong product reliability and its excellent sales team, which is second to none. Its technicians are highly knowledgeable and are always there when we need them.”

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