NTC VP John Footen to Explore File-Based Workflows at 2008 NAB Show‘s SBE/Ennes Workshop

The increasingly crucial role of efficient file-based workflows in the broadcast and media industry will be explored in a special presentation by John Footen, a National TeleConsultants (NTC) Vice President, at this year‘s joint technical session of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust during the 2008 NAB Show. Part of the 62nd annual NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference, Footen‘s SBE/Ennes workshop presentation will explore the topic of Business Process Analysis, a structured methodology for defining workflow. The session is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, in Rooms S219/S220 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, site of the 2008 NAB Show.

“Business Process Analysis is a structured methodology for defining workflow,” explains Footen, a Vice President at NTC in charge of the company‘s Software Solutions Group. “Accurate analysis and optimization of workflow is critical to modern broadcast and media systems, which are integrating the latest Information Technology (IT) solutions to achieve file-based workflow efficiencies in the creation, storage, and delivery of broadcast video and other media content. Our presentation will describe how Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)--a proven approach to designing media systems--identifies workflow needs and provides flexibility to change workflow as business requirements evolve. We will also explore Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that allow for the orchestration of complex workflows across multiple systems. The audience will learn of media-specific applications of these concepts and the practical steps that can be taken to integrate these new solutions.”

“Attendees at the 2008 NAB Show face a world of rapidly evolving IT solutions, new high-definition digital media formats, and emerging content creation and delivery alternatives,” notes NTC Managing Partner Chuck Phelan. “File-based workflow is integral to all of these areas and essential to today‘s broadcast and media facilities. It also, however, poses new technical and operational challenges for media professionals. As the leader of NTC‘s Software Solutions Group, John Footen is an acknowledged industry expert in media workflow analysis and optimization. Drawing on NTC‘s nearly 30 years of experience and thought-leadership in strategic technology consulting to the broadcast and media industries, John‘s presentation will be an important educational opportunity for NAB conference attendees.”

The joint technical session of the SBE and the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust at the 2008 NAB Show is designed to bring broadcast engineers the most up-to-date information on today's most compelling broadcast technology and operational issues. Efficient file-based workflows, which allow creation of a high-quality product with a minimum of resources, are the sole focus of this year‘s session workshops and feature leading industry presenters.

The 2008 NAB Show is scheduled from April 12 to 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more about this year‘s NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference go to: www.nabshow.com/2008/conferences/bec.asp.

About National TeleConsultants:

National TeleConsultants (NTC) is the United States‘ largest independent media systems consulting, design, and implementation firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York. NTC specializes in strategic technology consulting, media-related facility design and engineering, and systems integration. For more information, visit www.ntc.com.

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SBE, a non-profit professional organization formed in 1964, is committed to serving broadcast engineers no matter where they work. With more than 5,500 members and 112 local chapters, the SBE provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information to help broadcast engineers keep pace with their rapidly changing industry. SBE amplifies the voices of broadcast engineers by validating their skills with professional certification, by offering educational opportunities to maintain and expand those skills, and by speaking out on technical regulatory issues that affect how they work. For more information, visit www.sbe.org.

About the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust:

Through its Education Foundation Committee, the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust offers periodic workshops and seminars around the United States. Programs are typically one day in length and are very affordable. Presentations are non-commercial and focus on technology. For more information, visit www.sbe.org/edu_ennes.php.