Easy Drive-By RF Measurements

The WiNRADiO PFSL-G3 Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System provides a portable, compact, fully integrated solution designed for mobile signal coverage measurements. It is ideal for field strength mapping, mobile surveillance and other similar investigative operations.

The PFSL-G3 system includes a wide-band HF/VHF/UHF calibrated measuring receiver to measure and log signal strength, combined with an integrated GPS receiver to provide geographical co-ordinates. The logging intervals can be either timed (samples per time interval) or event driven (when a particular signal type is received). The logging fields and data format are user-definable, making the data readily available for GIS packages, for further processing and mapping.

The signal levels can be measured in µV, dBm or S-units, while field strength can be displayed in µV/m or dBµV/m. Readouts can be shown as instantaneous, peak or average values, calculated over user-definable intervals.

The WiNRADiO PFSL-G3 System is a ruggedized easily transportable unit, which includes the control computer, the receiver, rechargeable batteries and associated subsystems. It can be powered from three sources: Internal rechargeable batteries, automotive 12 V DC supply, or AC mains power.

The PFSL-G3 is a rapid deployment system that is designed for use by emergency service providers, communications providers, public safety, security, law enforcement and defence authorities.

The WiNRADiO PFSL-G3 Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System is available from Radixon UK Ltd., Tel: +44 (0)870 446 0449. Additional information is available at: