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Shotoku's new robotic pedestal

I just finished meeting with Shotoku Broadcast Systems. The company's president, Naoki Ebimoto, was kind enough -- and patient enough -- to let me play with their range of pedestals and pan/tilt heads. (It's one thing to get to see the equipment in person, but it's so much better to actually be able to test it out.)

Shotoku's latest launch to the U.S. market is the TRP-100 robotic pedestal. It's designed for all studio applications, including news, sports and current affairs. I can tell you from my own experience that the pedestal is very smooth. It is controlled by Shotoku's TR-8T Control System, and it allows full X, Y and height camera movement, as well as conventional pan and tilt motion.

It features a navigation system that is easily calibrated within seconds using a target-tile placed anywhere on the studio floor. Full manual operation, with or without power, is supported for all axis, optimizing flexibility of use and easy maintenance.

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