TSL Professional Products Features Three New Products to Simplify Operations for Broadcasters at KOBA 2012

TSL Professional Products Ltd., a leading manufacturer of audio monitoring, tally and power management solutions for the broadcast industry, will be showing its most recent products at KOBA 2012 (See TSL at the SOVICO Stand: A421), including a brand new multichannel audio monitoring platform, a new Virtual Panel for its TallyMan system and the Touchmix Pilot, which provides a more flexible control for creative operators who need instant access to audio sources.

The PAM2 MK2 Multichannel Audio Monitoring Unit (PAM2 3G16 MK2) delivers a new set of critical features for precision audio monitoring, including an SDI output connection to export display information to an external video monitor, a front-panel USB port for preset save/recall management and an Ethernet port providing network connectivity to Web browsers and system management software applications. The new platform is built upon TSL’s existing award-winning PAM2 features, including loudness-compliance monitoring and audio delay to match video latency, creating a system that helps simplify the complex world of broadcast audio.

TSL’s new TallyMan VP (Virtual Panel) with touch screen is designed to simplify control of multiple router I/Os. The intuitive user interface is engineered to be more in tune with the needs of creative operators in order to streamline production workflow.

The TallyMan VP software-based control platform removes the need to install individual hardware panels each time a router is added, expanded or upgraded. It can also interface with any third-party router, vision mixer or multi-viewer. This provides a “universal” control for operators who don’t need to be aware of source paths or any complicated working parts that sit behind the buttons.

Ideal for news operations, sporting events and remote head-ends, the panel also allows users to switch equipment on and off remotely, while offering heightened security for positions with limited functionality. Built to work in conjunction with TSL’s TallyMan tally management system, the TallyMan VP is a logical progression for the TallyMan range, which has become the industry de facto standard across broadcast workflows worldwide. The new panel provides immediate benefits for existing TallyMan users and offers an intuitive centralized platform for broadcasters who are looking to simplify their broadcast chain workflows.

TSL will also be showing its new Touchmix Pilot Desktop Remote system. The Touchmix Pilot, which consists of a new Desktop Remote panel with rack-mount host unit, provides one-touch access to any analog or digital audio source material in mono, stereo or surround, allowing for the adjustment of levels and balance, and delivers the capability to mix together multiple sources.

By using the Touchmix Pilot, directors, producers, editors and VT operators will have straightforward access to multiple audio sources literally at their fingertips. Designed with the latest touch-screen technology, the intuitive user interface allows operators to tap the audio channel they wish to hear, mix together incoming sources and even adjust individual level and balance. Complex configuration snapshots can be loaded or saved using on-board memory locations or via the on-board USB port.

Developed for operation with TSL’s ground-breaking AVM-T-MIX (Touchmix), as well as other I/O devices, the system can be set up effortlessly in a matter of minutes due to its straightforward configurability. The Touchmix, a system design inspired by input from the BBC, is unlike any other compact audio monitoring product.

About TSL Professional Products Ltd. TSL Professional Products Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a range of hardware and software solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries. Specializing in audio monitoring, tally solutions and power management tools, TSL PPL products satisfy and exceed the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows, helping its customers to lower costs, generate revenue and streamline operations. TSL PPL’s dedicated products team has many years of combined personal, hands-on experience, having worked for broadcasters, post-production facilities, information technology companies and outside broadcast operators worldwide. For more information, please visit www.tsl.co.uk.