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Pixelation at Oakland DTV Demo

One of the lessons of Wilmington for the DTV transition is that not all viewers will get all the channels they thought they could, at least not with out some tweaks.

In Oakland, Calif., according to a neighborhood blogger, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein was momentarily flummoxed by the pixelating picture produced by a DTV converter during a demonstration Sept. 10.

"God darn it—it keeps pixelating," the blog Today in Montclair, 94611 quotes the commissioner as saying.

The blogger noted that outside the demo at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, four channels were viewable, but inside the building only two were available—with problems.

It's not the first time a DTV demo has had a spotty picture. At an event at a Best Buy store last winter, pictures blocked up even as industry leaders talked up the quality of DTV just feet away.

FCC officials will have plenty of chances to find spots with good reception as they continue their 80-market DTV education blitz.