NAB 2012: Mobile Television gets its own Super Session at NAB

Consumers’ desire to have their media content with them anywhere and anytime on any device will necessitate change at wireless telecom networks. Wireless companies have recently imposed data limits on their services.

At the same time, broadcasters—still trying to get mobile digital television off the ground—see an opportunity to use its local towers to supplement that broadband video coverage. But can broadcasters provide a product that will be desirable to the wireless providers? And, in the bigger picture, can broadcasters find a market for mobile digital television?

This super session, on Monday, April 16, at 2:15 p.m., will address various global mobile technologies and prospective business models. Controversial perspectives will be discussed by a panel of experts focusing on where mobile video and mobile broadcasting may be headed in the very near future.

The session will feature a keynote by Peggy Johnson, EVP of global market development for Qualcomm. Following Johnson’s speech will be a panel, moderated by Jim Burger, a member of Dow Lohnes PLLC. He’s an expert on legal and policy issues arising from the confluence of digital technology, communications, IP protection and government regulation of digital content.

Panelists will include Mark Aitken, VP of advanced technology at the Sinclair Broadcast Group; Peter Siebert, executive director of the DVB Project Office; Salil Dalvi, co-general manager of the Mobile Content Venture (MCV) and senior VP and general manager of strategic ventures at NBCUniversal Digital Distribution.

Also included will be Jack Perry, CEO and founder of Syncbak, an expert on digital issues in Washington, D.C., and Cedric Fernandes, VP of technology for MobiTV. He’s an expert on wireless applications and related technologies including SMS and MMS, messaging platforms, wireless enterprise applications, mobile applications and multimedia distribution over wireless networks.