Finnish DTT provider takes home pair of awards from IBC2011

Finnish digital terrestrial transmission provider DNA took a pair of honors, winning both the Judges Prize and the Innovation Award for Content Delivery, Sunday, Sept. 11, at the IBC Awards Ceremony.

DNA, along with its supporting partners TeamCast, Ericsson and Plisch, were recognized with the Innovation Award for a DVB-T2 single-frequency network for the roll-out of HD channels in a spectrally efficient manner. According to the judges, the use of existing cellular broadcasting sites to cover metro areas with a network of SFN transmitters made the system unique. DNA and partners deployed the SFN network less than 18 months after the publication of the DVB-T2 SFN specifications.

Other projects on the short list of those considered for the content delivery award included:

• Warner Bros. Entertainment and supporting partners Accenture and Amberfin for the Digital End To End (DETE) delivery of file-based content rather than physical tape;

• Metroethernet Backbone for TV Globo in Brazil with supporting partners, Cisco and Intelig, which updates the links between facilities in Brazil.

• ONSIGHT with supporting partner SGO Mistika for post production of “Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough.”

The judges selected U.S. financial network CNBC and its supporting partners UNREEL, Motion Analysis and Brainstorm Multimedia as the winner of the Innovation Award for Content Creation. CNBC was recognized for an enhanced viewer experience it created that allows for presenters to interact directly with a 3-D graphics environment.

Those short-listed in the content creation category included:

• Dorna Sports with support partner Grass Valley for MotoGP coverage involving more than 120 cameras.

• RIA Novosti for the web portal YouReport, which lets citizens submit news reports to Russian state-owned RAI Novosti.

The judges presented CNN along with supporting partners Adobe, Apple, IPV, Omneon, Sony, VizRT, JVC and Telestream with the Innovation Award in the Content Management category for the network’s globally integrated news production.

Those short-listed in the content management category included:

• Rogers Media with supporting partner Quantel for globalizing its media workflow.

• ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion and supporting partners IBM, BFE and Vizrt for its adoption of an all-digital, file-based environment that have streamlined its content management and workflows.

An IBC Special Award with presented to Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions for work on “Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough.”

The IBC Innovation Awards honor those who have excelled in the implementation of technology to meet their own unique content creation, management and distribution challenges.