Death and NAB

My electric toothbrush died. It must be time for NAB. Okay, there are lots of things that signify it's time for NAB. Tax time is what I often think of. This trip, I discovered a new indication I was at good 'ol NAB. My electric toothbrush is dead.

I mistakenly packed it in my shaving kit, and it clearly turned on sometime in the 1,353-mile trip from Kansas City to Las Vegas. This proves the battery won't last six hours.

The last time I encountered electric toothbrush malfunction was a fall seminar. As I was setting down in the Atlanta hotel room, I heard a buzzing. At first I thought it was the room refrigerator, but it didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to find that my electric toothbrush had turned on while still packed away in my luggage.

I can only wonder what alarms might have gone off had the TSA been the one to discover it.

Oh well, back to brushing my teeth the old-fashioned way. It must be NAB.

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you why 1080i is dead. If you happen to be one of those stations using 1080i, you will change to 720p. It’s only a matter of when. Stay tuned ...