IBC honors Super Hi-Vision technical paper as best of conference

A technical paper written by engineers from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.) on the parameters of the Super Hi-Vision and presented at IBC2011 was recognized as the best technical paper of the conference.

The paper, “Super Hi-Vision System Offering Enhanced Sense of Presence and New Visual Experience,” lays out the video parameters of the system, which delivers 16 times the resolution of HDTV. It discusses the system’s spatial and temporal resolution tone and color reproduction and Super Hi-Vision’s impact on the future of television.

Accepting the honor on behalf of his NHK co-authors was Yukihiro Nishida.

“(Super Hi-Vision’s) video parameters have been designed on the basis of psychophysical studies of human vision conducted at NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories and (are) described in our paper,” he said.

Nishida is listed with K. Masaoka, M. Sugawara, K. Ohmura, M. Emoto and E. Nakasu as co-authors of the paper.

According to Nick Lodge, chairman of the IBC Technical Papers Committee, the clarity and concise manner with which the technical parameters of the Super Hi-Vision system were described impressed the committee.

“The paper provides a perfect introduction to ultra-high definition television and the highly innovative technology designed to provide audiences with a new and immersive experience,” Lodge said.

Along with the a description of the technical parameters of Super Hi-Vision the paper noted that the target year for experimental broadcaster via a broadcast satellite in the 21GHz band has been set for 2020.

To reach that goal, NHK has embarked on a demanding research and development program focusing on the video and audio parameters of the system and on developing an end-to-end system, including cameras, displays, data storage, compression coding and data transmission, the paper said.